One comment on “Dreaming of Cabins and Houses in the Bush

  1. Hi David,

    I’ve had an idea of getting a big (say 3m diameter) FRC pipe and linking them together to create a form of cheap construction. You could install a suspended floor which would carry utility services (sewerage, water, data, power etc) which could just be plugged together in a pre-defined configuration. Walls could be suspended too allowing for utility spaces. Sunlight could come in through the top with specially designed windows which puncture the FRC pipe but still maintain a watertight seal.

    Finally you could get half a dozen of these arranged and interconnected and sink them a few feet into the ground and then finally cover them with earth allowing grass to grow over the top for insulation. These days new suburbs are popping up with McMansions sitting right on top of each other. This would allow us to still achieve a necessary level of density but create a green landscape for kids to play on and explore.

    These pictures show something similar:

    But I’m expecting something with a larger diameter to allow different usages. I’m also not envisaging stacking them like that, but I guess you could to create a split level arrangement.

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